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4 Tips To Maintain a Healthy Septic Tank

Some people feel apprehensive about buying a home that uses a septic tank, but they’re very easy to care for. Septic systems are found in rural homes that are out of reach of city water and sewer. Once you understand the following four tips, you’ll wonder why you were so worried.

1. Go Easy on the Water

One of the most important septic tank tips is to watch your water usage. A tank has limited space and all the water you use goes into it to be filtered. If the system is overwhelmed, it can clog. Conserve water by spacing out laundry throughout the week and using low-flow shower heads.

2. Schedule Routine Maintenance

Scheduling routine maintenance with a reputable septic tank repair Fort Worth company will ensure your septic system stays in good working order. Septic tanks should be pumped every three to five years depending on your household size, so mark the date!

3. Take Care of Your Drain

Another tip to keep your septic running well is to never put food like coffee grounds or grease down the drain. This will prevent clogs from forming in the pipes leading to the tank. Also, never flush diapers, paper towels or baby wipes down the toilet.

4. Know Your Drain Field

When you shower or flush the toilet, all water heads to the septic tank. While solid matter settles, liquids head towards a drain field, separate from your tank. Always know the location of this drain field and never park your car over it. If you ever notice the drain field is wet and soggy, call your septic company to check for a clog.

Caring for your septic isn’t a complicated ordeal. As long as you conserve water, watch what goes down your drains and schedule regular pumping, your septic will remain healthy.

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