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3 Great Tips for Turning Your Backyard Into a Play Space for Kids

You already know that exercise and activity are essential for keeping your kids happy and healthy. If you’ve had trouble getting your kids inspired to be active, you should turn your backyard into a go-to spot for fun. Here are three great ways to turn your backyard into a private play area for your kids.

1. Create a Custom Playground

Here’s something for the younger kids – a custom playground that will inspire hours of activity and movement. You could create a playground from a kit, but it’s better to create a custom playground that has the exact elements your kids want. Remember that the area below and around play and climbable structures should be soft and able to cushion a person in the event of a fall. Install a six-inch layer of soft material like bulk rubber mulch Cincinnati OH. To help keep weeds down in this area, put a layer of landscape fabric between the ground and the play surface.

2. Build a Sunken Sandbox

With all the high-tech options for entertainment available, children are still drawn to the classic backyard sandbox. They can spend hours burying, digging, sifting, moving and shaping the soft sand. Use composite landscaping timbers, made with recycled plastic – they’ll stand up to the outdoor elements and they won’t splinter. Build up the walls about one foot high and fill the container with between six and ten inches of soft, clean play sand. It’s a great way to get kids outdoors in the sunshine, and it’s great for developing a child’s imagination, too!

3. Add a Pool

Who can resist the allure of a backyard swimming pool? You’ll never have to ask your kids twice to head outdoors if you have a pool in your backyard. These days, it’s more affordable than ever to add this great feature to your child’s play area. It’s easiest and cheapest to install an above-ground pool, and you can still customize it with options that will encourage activity, like a pool basketball hoop, diving board or volleyball net. As an added bonus, above-ground pools are much safer than in-ground models. Since they’re above ground, they don’t have a surrounding pool deck which reduces the risk of anyone falling into the water.

Physical activity is crucial for proper health and development of all kids. Give your children fun options to play close to home, even within sight of your backdoor, by adding these simple features to your backyard.

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