3 Must-Do Tasks Before Listing Your Home

Are you planning to sell your home? With the current supply of houses not meeting the growing demand, it is a seller’s market. Before you list your house, there are a few key areas to target to get the best price possible. Follow this guide to get you ready to sell.

The Big Ticket Items

When listing a home, it is problems with the large ticket items that can get a potential buyer to walk away. Areas like your roof, floors and windows can all be the reason you could lose that sale. Before listing, lookup quality roofing Daytona Beach to set up an inspection and repairs to your roof. Next, inspect your floors and windows for any flaws. The goal is for potential buyers to see their future, not extra work to do.

The Aesthetic

Once you have handled the more expensive items, it’s time to work on the aesthetic. The first image a buyer will see of your home is from the front. This impression is why landscaping is key. Start by looking at your house as if you wanted to buy it. Look for areas that look unseemly or lacking in color. These spots are where you want to start. For quick touch-ups, add mulch and fresh flowers for a clean look with splashes of color.

The Staging

Finally, do a walkthrough of your house. Put away any clutter, and start emphasizing more neutral tones in the rooms. Whether you decide to go with a professional staging company or do it yourself, you want to create spaces that will sell an idea of a future. By making the rooms both inviting without being overly personal, potential buyers can start creating a mental image of how they will make it theirs.

With a little work, your home will sell quickly and for a profit. Good luck!

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