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3 Ways To Keep Your Septic Tank Healthy

Most people don’t think about wastewater once it has been flushed down the commode or drained out of the sink. However, ignoring your septic system could lead to costly repairs and frustrating septic backup. These tips can help prevent sludge build up Omaha TX tanks often fight, saving your money and a serious headache in the process.

1. Don’t Overload the System

Your tank has been sized to the household usually based on the number of bedrooms in the home. With the average person flushing or using about 70 gallons of water a day, your septic system is always working hard. However, by failing to repair a tiny leak or going overboard on the laundry, showers and household cleaning, you could create a strain on the system during a small window of time. Monitor your usage and try to keep it consistent over time.

2. Follow Efficiency and Conservation Practices

Your water usage may be in keeping with the 70 gallons a day, but you can keep your septic tank in better shape by using less water. Washing dishes by hand is often less efficient than running a quality, water-saving dishwasher. Letting the faucet run while brushing your teeth also lets unused water run down the drain. Long, hot showers may be relaxing, but in comparison to drawing a hot bath for a long soak, the bath conserves more water. There are faucets and toilets that can be purchased that help conserve water with use.

3. Keep Rainwater Out of the Drain Field

Once the area around your drain field becomes too soggy, the water can’t drain out of the field lines properly. This can cause a backup in the system and create clogs. All of the gutters and downspouts should divert rainwater out or away from the drain fields. Landscaping should encourage water to flow around this area as well.

Sewage backups are not just smelly, but they are also full of contaminants and bacteria. Keeping your septic tank healthy actually plays a part in keeping your family healthy.

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