Tips for Creating a Landscape Design Plan

Have you purchased or built your home and need an entirely new landscape plan or do you want to refresh your landscape and make your property more appealing and useful? You may be considering all the work required to create and implement your landscape design Manchester CT. However, by following a few tips, you can create the landscape of your dreams.

Set Your Goals

Your first step should be setting your landscape goals. For example, do you need storage? Do you want socialization spaces, such as decks and patios, where you can entertain? Do you have animals or kids that need play areas? You should list everything you want to see in your landscape, including structures and plant varieties, such as pine or deciduous trees, flowers or leafy bushes, etc. If there are specific plants you want included, add them to your list.

Measure and Evaluate Your Property

Next, you need to measure and learn about your space. You don’t want to create a jungle, and you need to have space for all your fixtures, so you need to know exactly how much space you have. You should also assess how the sun shines on your property. Are there areas that get full sun all day and others that only receive little bits of sun due to established trees and structure shading?

Next, have your soil tested to determine whether it needs amending. Water availability will play a key role in the type of landscape you should create, so identify your yearly rainfall and water rights as well as your water resources, including underground irrigation. Finally, learn about your USDA hardiness zone so you know what plants will thrive in your environment.

Create Your Plan

Draw out your property on paper. Include your home and any other structures. Next, include the structures you want to add, including sheds and other outbuildings. Add in your patios or decks and include paths that allow you to circumvent your entire property without damaging your landscaping plants. Then add in your plant life, starting with trees, then bushes and flowers. Choose different sizes and textures to add interest and appeal.

You don’t have to live with an unattractive landscape. If you need help creating and implementing your plan, consider working with a landscape designer.

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