3 Renovation Ideas to Completely Transform Your Backyard

Be honest, you’ve been spending more time at home lately. You may even find yourself working from home. Many people also find themselves hosting outdoor gatherings for friends a little more. If you have enjoyed spending more time at home, but you really want to have a more attractive and functional backyard space, these renovation projects will help you achieve that goal.

1. A Natural Pool

Backyard pools offer the opportunity to swim, relax and lounge while escaping the summer heat. Why settle for any pool when you can have something truly inspiring? A natural pool is much like a pond, although you will use some sort of filtration to keep the water clean and clear. That may be mechanical or in the form of a buffer zone of water filtering plants. Add a quiet pool cabana, complete with an authentic thatch roof to complete the backyard oasis.

2. A Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens had been edging into the home improvement scene for some time, but they have seen an explosion this year thanks to increased outdoor entertaining. Much more than a standard backyard grill, these truly replace your indoor kitchen. You’ll find an array of features, but most complete setups will include some combination of these:

  • Grills and standard cooktops
  • Refrigerators and wine chillers
  • Running water and sinks
  • Standard or pizza ovens

3. A Covered Entertaining Area

All that outdoor time could mean a lot of sun exposure. That is why adding a covered area to sit and relax, maybe even swing in a hammock or glider is a great idea. it gives you a chance to get out of the sun without having to go back indoors. Stand-alone gazebos and pergolas are relatively simple to install, or you can have a completely custom design added to your existing deck or patio.

A backyard renovation can completely transform your outdoor space. Look for projects that fit your family’s lifestyle for the biggest impact.

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