Tips for Decorating a Small Space

Decorating small living spaces can be challenging, but it all depends on your design strategy. If you are working with limited real estate, you’ll want to make every choice count. To help you decorate your tiny space, here are some tips for interior design Arlington VA.


A day bed will take up less space than a traditional bed, so this is a great option for small rooms. When you aren’t using the bed for sleeping, pop it back into a seat, and you can reclaim the floor. You can also tailor other décor items to your limited space. For example, wall sconces will eliminate the need for additional lamps. Additionally, some pieces can pull double-duty. Instead of including a side table, simply use an empty chair or ottoman.


If you’re in tight quarters, your color choices are going to be crucial. Drab colors will only add to the confining feel of a small home, so find colors that you love looking at. Whether you love bright, bold hues or tons of patterns, surrounding yourself with visuals you enjoy will help you love the space. If you prefer a clean look, try reflective whites, such as high-gloss subway tile or lacquered surfaces.


A TV can often take up visual space as well as physical space. Instead of placing yours on a bulky console, try mounting it on the wall. You can also utilize an existing piece to hide the TV so it doesn’t get all the attention. You can find sneaky artwork that is designed to hide your TV or you can store it inside of a piece that you were already going to showcase, such as a credenza.

You don’t need a large home for your style to shine through. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, small residences can boast plenty of personality.

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