3 Important Considerations Before You Drill a New Well

Well water can be a tasty, reliable and healthy source of H2O for your household, but you have to choose your spot wisely to ensure these qualities exist when your well is complete. In selecting a site, it is critical that you evaluate potential locations for health hazards, geological conditions and water table depths.

1.    Health Hazards

Groundwater is full of vital nutrients, but it can also contain elements that are hazardous to human health. Agricultural products, such as fertilizers and pesticides, and chemical runoff from other activities seep into the ground and can contaminate water. Choose an area least likely to be impacted by toxic intrusion. It is also critical to install a water filtration system Tampa to clear the water of any harmful contaminants that do exist. Filtering your water also makes it taste better and eliminates substances that lead to the odor associated with well water.

2.    Geological Conditions

Geology matters when it comes to constructing a well. Soil and substrate are factors that impact how deep you need to drill as well as what type of well would work best. Geological conditions also provide indicators as to where water is located and where it would most easily be reached. When it comes time to drill your well, hiring a professional ensures safe construction that meets regulatory guidelines.

3.    Water Table Depths

Even if you know that you have an aquifer located under your property, it doesn’t guarantee that you can access good water from anywhere. The depth of the water table can vary, even over very short distances. You need to be sure that water can be reached and that the source is deep enough to provide consistently safe and drinkable water for years to come.

Drilling a well can provide a household with a reliable source of good tasting and healthy drinking water. To do so requires consideration of health hazards, geological conditions and water table depths when siting a new well.

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