Top Ways to Improve Safety at Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant allows you to share your love of cooking with many other people. You’re able to work with other cooks, visit with customers, and try out new recipes. As you enjoy the chaos of your restaurant, make sure to keep these safety tips in mind.

Watch for Fire Hazards

Whether you run an American diner or a French-style cafe, you have lots of ovens, heaters, and fryers in your kitchen. You also have tons of appliances, including mixers, blenders, and coffee makers, plugged into every available outlet and extension cord. While these tools are necessary for running your business, they also increase the chances of a fire. Inspect your kitchen for hazards such as fraying cords greasy rags next to heaters or outlets. For an extra level of security, invest in fire detection and suppression New York.

Monitor Your Ventilation Systems

Your ventilation systems don’t just control your building’s climate; they also keep your employees and customers safe. Without proper ventilation and air filtration, it’s easy for diseases to spread and dangerous gases to accumulate. Keep your windows open as much as possible, especially in areas where you store chemicals, and have your HVAC system inspected annually.

Check Your Expiration Dates

You’ve created a system for ensuring that you use up your supplies before ordering new ones, but it’s easy to let a gallon of milk or a box of eggs slip through the cracks. Every week, go through your inventory and ensure that everything is unexpired, and remind your employees to check the expiration date before they use a new ingredient. These simple steps prevent food poisoning outbreaks that could cost you your certificate from the health department.

If you’re concerned about safety, follow these tips to keep your customers and employees healthy while they enjoy your restaurant.

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