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Considering Southern Suburb Living

Like the rest of the country, the south has been seeing significant housing growth as populations move, change, grow and new business drives the need for more housing at all market levels. And, for homes for sale in Dallas, the greater area outside of the city core has consistently been some of the more desirable neighborhoods chosen because it provides a combination of proximity to Dallas-Ft. Worth and still retains a semblance of a village-style community, including all the requisite parks, historical sites, and scenic main streets. This reputation is not a new one.

In 2014, the same regional area also scored the desirable title of being the “Best place to Live in America,” a widely recognized acknowledgment of prime living conditions as recognized by Monkey Magazine annually. Those ratings were based on scores associated with key living factors such as public safety, employment potential, living quality, and local school quality.

The main attraction for potential homebuyers and new residents is that the amenities available provide residents the ideal short commute bedroom community that is also close enough not to spend hours on the road every day getting to the office or major events but far enough away to feel separated from the big city chatter and urban stress. No surprise, the outer Dallas region has grown exponentially in value because of its ideal popularity, but it still retains a very close-knit connection between residents and neighbors that make up the local community.

Families will be quite happy with the options for recreation and homes for sale in McKinney; the area is an example of a peaceful southern region, having a robust combination of features that accommodate different generations with different attractions. For example, the younger could spend a lot of time doing their cardio at a foot/skate park zone seen in many southern living communities. These types of locations are so popular, they regularly get lots of out-of-town visitors as well for skateboarding alone. Additional outdoor resources in the neighborhood include a community tennis court system, more than a few baseball field parks, and a neighborhood gym that provides a workout fitness center, a basketball court, and the more popular facility during the summer, an indoor pool.

As for the question of any available homes, there is no shortage of opportunities to get and find a home in the south and for good reason. A solid roster of elementary schools, middle schools and high schools ensures plenty of education opportunities for families with kids, and some southern states have some of the highest scores in the southern half of the US. These areas are also served by multiple, separate, distinct medical facilities as well. The average age for many of these suburban areas is mid-30s for the majority of residents. More importantly, 8 out of 10 residents are homeowners, with a significant amount of ownership stability.

In short, the southern suburbs are an ideal spot to consider for relocation or new home purchase, and the area should really should be considered for a long-term real estate investment given all of the benefits included.


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