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A Change You can Live With

Everywhere you turn these days, you are faced with a barrage of home decorating ideas. Magazines and television shows showing before and after makeovers are prevalent, and you need look no further than the Internet to find a wide assortment of ideas for how to upgrade your home. Below are a few simple things that can make a lot of difference without a major remodel.

Change the Jewelry

Metal finishes are considered the jewelry of your home. You probably would not wear gold and silver together so do not let your house make the same mistake. Choose one metal finish that most flatters your home and stick with it throughout. Change out all of your doorknobs to a more current style in your metal of choice. Install new custom light fixtures in the same finish to dress up your rooms. Do the same with all cabinet and drawer knobs and pulls to create a cohesive flow throughout the house.

Replace Tired Artwork

If you have not changed your eye shadow or your artwork in 15 years, it’s time for a switch. Get rid of outdated or faded artwork and replace it with something more consistent with today’s styles. Take advantage of the opportunity to add a bit of color or texture with an art piece. A gallery wall can be a fun way to hang a collection of related or unrelated art pieces.


Add some nice textured baskets or slub linen throw pillows to bring a little interest into a room. Instead of opting for something smooth or bland, get a couple of chunky knit throws and some heavily textured planters. The details make the difference, so without changing your furniture you can get an entirely different look just buy changing your accessories.

It has been said that a 20% change can make an 80% difference. This is particularly true with changing up the look of your home. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to create a wonderful transformation.

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