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4 Types of Glass That Can Be Used for Glass Garage Doors

There are many different types of garage doors, and these doors can be made of many types of materials. Materials garage doors are commonly manufactured of include steel, wood and glass. Modern glass garage doors are increasingly popular because they allow the inflow of natural light, which has been proven to result in natural physical and mental health benefits for those exposed to it. There are many benefits associated with having garage doors made of glass that offset the higher cost. Here are four of them.

1. Natural Light

As mentioned earlier, one of the main appeals of a glass garage door is that it lets light filter in, which does come with numerous personal benefits. Natural light helps to promote a healthy, glowing complexion and significantly boosts the mood, as well as contributing to improved cognitive function and increased productivity. All that natural light is also an excellent backdrop for a gorgeous view through the garage door for those living in an area with a great deal of natural beauty and landscaping.

2. Aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics, garage doors made of glass are not lightweights. These doors are appealing appearance wise and are available in a variety of panel colors. This gives you the chance to customize your garage door. The glass itself also comes in more than one color, so you can pick unique combinations of paneling and glass to suit your personal style.

3. Value

Then there is the value. A glass garage door, while requiring a higher initial investment than, say, a wood or steel door, has a good value. Garage doors made of glass have long lifespans and require minimal maintenance. Glass is easier to clean. These doors are also good for energy conservation: The natural lighting reduces the need for artificial lighting, thus decreasing energy usage and costs. The energy saving properties also benefit the environment. They are also resistant to the ravages of termites, rust, corrosion and rotting that wood and steel are vulnerable to. Installing a glass garage door also adds value to your home. Garages in general increase the value of homes through curb appeal. Garage doors made of glass are even more likely to raise the value of a home by enhancing the home’s appearance, as well as being costlier than garage doors constructed of other materials.

4. Space

Space is a major factor to consider when constructing a garage. In general, more space is often better than less. While choosing to use glass for your garage door will not in itself create more space, it does create the impression of more space. The natural lighting flooding the garage space gives it a more open, welcoming feel. It converts it from a dark, dingy storage space to a place that can be treated as another room of the house and utilized accordingly. The atmosphere induced by the natural light allows the garage to be used more readily as a home office, gym or other room.

Choosing a garage door type can be difficult. So can choosing the type of material. All materials have their own associated advantages, including glass. The ones listed here are only a few of the benefits of picking glass for garage doors. So consider glass the next time you are deciding on a garage door.

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