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Keep Pond Fish Cool this Summer

When people think about ways to keep cool in the summer, a nice dip in the water is high on that list. For pond fish, however, the extreme heat of summer can be a health hazard that no amount of swimming will help them escape. As the sun beats down on a pond, the temperature of the water will rise. This is great for people but not so great for fish. Here are a few ways to keep even the fish feeling cool this summer. 

Aerating the Pond 

Pond aerators and fountains are a great way to keep a pond, and the fish who live there, healthy and thriving through the extreme heat of summer. Running these will introduce fresh oxygen into the water and will help the temperature of the water remain stable. When oxygen levels are increased in the pond, the fish will remain active even during high-heat conditions. 

Feeding the Fish 

As fun as it is to toss those little pellets out into the water and watch the fish come to the surface, splashing around to get to them, reducing the amount of food they are fed will allow the fish to eat the natural algae that bloom in the water. This will help keep the pond looking clean and will lower the level of waste in the pond. 

Cooling the Water 

Adding water that is within five to ten degrees of the pond’s temperature slowly will allow the fish to cool down safely. Adding too much or too fast, however, can harm fish and snails, so take the time to do this throughout a day. Be sure to check the pH levels of the new water to ensure a healthy and maintained ecosystem. 

Fish in natural lakes will find cool places to hide during the hot summer months. Pond fish don’t always have that available, so give these tips a chance and keep your pond fish healthy and cool all summer long.

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