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How To Pull Off the Farmhouse Style in Your Home

Farmhouse style is where it’s at these days and if you want to create that type of aesthetic design in your home there are some key things to do. The farmhouse look is cozy, quaint and full of texture. What can you do to achieve this look in your home? Here are some top ways to ensure your home decor matches your desire for this beautiful kind of home.


Finding the right light fixtures pull a room together. You want to look for rustic finishes with lantern-style lights. Edison bulb lighting Kansas City can make many light fixtures stand out in a gorgeous way. You can also search for lighting that features weathered wood, mason jars and wire frames. Add a variety of lighting to each room to create the cozy atmosphere you want.


The farmhouse style is big on subtlety, but there are a few patterns that can enhance the look. Shop for items with a buffalo check print. This can include pillows, dish towels and floor mats. You can also search antique stores and thrift shops for unique items that have a vintage vibe. These patterns can range from florals to animals, but all come with added history.


Sticking with neutral colors is the way to go when you want a farmhouse look. The goal is a cozy and soothing atmosphere, which means shocks of color detract from your look. Use color sparingly and try to stick with blues and greens when you want a pop of color.


Because you’re using neutral colors, it’s important to add interest with texture. Start to build a collection of baskets, plant pots, rugs and blankets that have a variety of weaves. Add wood elements to increase natural texture throughout your home.

The farmhouse style is easy to achieve when you stick to these four basics.

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