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5 Ways to Recycle a Christmas Tree

After an exciting Christmas period, the next thing to do is tuck away the decorations and return your home to its usual state. That means saving the ornaments, lights, and other decorations for the following year. However, when it comes to the Christmas tree, you have to dispose of it unless it is artificial. As suggested in some Balsam Hill reviews, you may want to recycle that tree instead of just throwing it away. Here are a few ways to recycle your Christmas tree.

Offer Shelter to Some Backyard Wildlife

Take the tree while it is still in its stand and put it in the yard for the remaining part of winter. It can give you something good to look at and provide some shelter for the birds. However, if your yard is full of trees, lay the tree on the side instead of leaving the Christmas tree standing. This will provide shelter for certain mammals like rabbits.

Convert It to Mulch

If you have a chipper or shredder, use it and break down the tree into mulch. Instead of buying a lot for your garden, your Christmas tree can save you here. Mulch has many benefits, including retaining moisture in the soil. If you do not have a shredder, cut the small branches into tiny pieces and place them on the mulched paths. This is an affordable way to mulch your garden, and on top of that, the smell will be lovely.

Take The Tree to a Christmas Tree Recycling Site

Some cities have designated areas for Christmas tree drop-offs close to recycling centers. Normally, the tree will be shredded and converted into mulch then used in green spaces and parks. Some regions have specific days and times for Christmas tree pickup, so keep that in mind. Of course, if you bought an artificial tree, this does not apply to you. However, going through some Balsam Hill tree reviews, you will notice that you can store your artificial tree in the garage and use it the following year.

Use It as Firewood

A Christmas tree can be used for outdoor fireplaces. Since evergreens burn hot and fast, they are great for the outdoors, especially when you want to create a bonfire. However, you may have to wait for a while till the tree is dry for you to use it.

Instead of throwing away your Christmas tree, why not recycle it? You will be conserving the environment and getting an extra service from it.

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