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6 Hardwood Floor Styles for Your Home Remodeling Project

Outside of kitchens and bathrooms, a house’s flooring is the most popular home remodeling project, and for good reason. As one of the first things guests will see when they walk in, the state of your floors creates a lasting subconscious reflection of your home. That is why it is important to select the right flooring when renovating.


As the most popular domestic flooring option, oak floors provide strength and durability that can last years — even decades — with minimal wear and tear. Oak floors can be used in a large diversity of styles, as evidenced by variations such as Provenza old world flooring and high-end French oak.


Another staple of the American horticulture scene, maple provides a distinct pale color. It is incredibly durable and can take a beating without chipping.


A dark chocolate color, walnut flooring features black swirls that provide a unique look to your home. While this species of wood is not as resistant to wear and tear as some of the others listed, its weight is light enough to be used on upper stories of a house.


As one of the hardest wood species used in flooring, teak floors are some of the most durable hardwoods used on the planet. Red highlights complement the natural brown of this exotic wood. Teak can be left unfinished to mature naturally, where it ages like fine wine.


Eucalyptus, otherwise known as jarrah in the indigenous languages of Southwest Australia, is durable enough to be used for both interior and exterior flooring. Jarrah has a gorgeous dark red color that gives off absolutely stunning esthetics.


Found in almost every region of the world, mahogany produces sleek shades of brown and a few lighter tints. Cuban mahogany is widely considered the best type of wood to be used in crafting furniture, while Honduran and American versions provide the same for flooring.

Flooring provides the basic template for what the style of each room of your house should look like. Investing in high-quality floors to ensure the enactment of this vision is a wise move.

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