How To Choose a New Dishwasher

The dishwasher is a modern luxury for many homeowners. The time it cuts on clean-up can be a boon for working families. Eventually, they break down or need an upgrade. Consider these tips when choosing your next dishwasher.

Price Range

Dishwashers range in price from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. The cost can depend on a variety of factors including brand, how quiet it is, height, load capacity and available sales or discounts. The cost of dishwasher installation in Gaithersburg, MD should also be included in your overall budget.


The height of your dishwasher space determines which models you can choose from. A dishwasher that is too short, too narrow or too tall won’t fit neatly in your designated space unless you are remodeling your kitchen space.


The lower the rating of the dishwasher, the lower the cost upfront. The rating includes the upfront cost, how well the dishwasher holds up over time, cycle times, load capacity and how much energy and water are used throughout a normal cycle. The dishwasher needs to perform well over time, not just the initial testing period. Look at customer reviews to see how well it performs after the first few cycles.


The brand of the dishwasher can affect the price point and what capabilities the dishwasher has. Different lines within a brand also affect price and options. Many homeowners want the dishwasher to match the current appliances in their kitchen which mean staying with the same brand, line and color. Certain brands only come in certain colors.


Many new dishwashers incorporate technology right into the control panel. Touchscreens allow the user to determine the wash cycle, temperature, racks, time to run and more. Many of the newer models are quieter perfect for open-concept floor plans.

A new dishwasher can make your evening routine go faster. Not only do the newer models save you time, but they can also lower your utility bills using less water and energy to operate.


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