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5 Easy Steps to a Toddler-Proof Home

Taking care of a child is always an enriching experience. No wonder every parent is naturally wired to offer love, guidance, care, and attention. However, the first few years of babycare can prove too demanding. For one, at the tender age, kids remain care-free in how they interact with their immediate environment. So, besides getting all your child needs to grow and develop healthily, there’s the ever present need to prevent all kinds of harm coming their way.

Thinking on how to toddler-proof your home? Keep reading for some quick tips and tricks.

  • Install baby gates

If your house has staircases, it is one area you want to give a second thought. Your little one can easily slip down the stairs if they attempt to crawl either up or down the steps. To prevent potentially nasty falls be sure to put up baby gates at both ends of the stairs. Baby proof toddler gates act as a barrier thereby preventing your kid from attempting to go through the steps. Don’t forget, baby gates can also apply on outdoor steps and any other restricted areas.

  • Cover electrical outlets and tuck away electrical cords

You do not want to expose your baby to risk of electrical shock. Find a way to seal power outlets all-around the house. You can enclose or tape the plugs firmly such that your baby cannot pull them out.

Similarly, keep electrical outlets out of sight by blocking them with heavy furniture. Ensure electrical cords are out of your baby’s reach. You can also tape them tightly on the walls or hide them behind furniture.

  • Check the windows

Though baby accidents involving the windows seem remote, you need to baby proof them nonetheless. For one thing! Babies can easily reach the windows by scaling furniture set next to window. To prevent window falls, clear the window area of anything the baby can use as a ladder to reach the window. In the same vein, to eliminate risk of strangulation ensure there are no hanging cords from the window blinds.

  • Baby proof the kitchen

The kitchen is one area you don’t want your baby venturing into especially when alone. The best measure is to install a babyproof kitchen door. You also need to consider other measures in case the baby gets access into the kitchen.  Specifically, put away cleaning products, utensils, glass accessories, and any sharp objects. Even better, ensure the drawers and storage cabinets are lockable to deter access.

  • Baby proof the nursery

Next! Your bubs lounge also needs to be cleared of any dangerous items. Everything from choking hazards to sharp toys that can cause injury and the likes should be done away with completely.


Once your baby arrives your home changes forever. With these tips it should be easy to neutralize risks before the baby begins to crawl around.


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