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Surprising Things You Can Clean With a Clothes Steamer

Whether you’ve purchased a full-sized steamer of clothes or tucked away a travel-sized steamer, you probably won’t get the best bang for your buck. While both are handy tools for washable and dry-clean-only clothes to eliminate stains and unpleasant odors, fabric steamers can do so much more around the home.


Test the steam production speed. To sanitize ground, it must be 212 degrees F or greater.

Using distilled water to always avoid clogs and leave traces of minerals on fabrics.

If you have them, experiment with different nozzles to clean up work.

Read labels on cloth to prevent water marking or fading of color and never use them on delicate materials such as silk.

Do not use waxed and polished furniture, musical instruments, and antique finishes on freshly painted surfaces.

Steam Away Grease and Baked-On Food Just apply your clothing steamer’s nozzle to a greasy pan or stovetop to remove fat and baked-on food, making it much easier to wipe away with a microfiber cloth. This is especially useful for glass cooktops where abrasive cleaners may cause damage.

Sanitize Hard Surface Countertops You can use it to sanitize hard surfaces such as countertops, refrigerator handles, toilets and sinks if your device’s steam production exceeds 212 degrees F. Any chemicals are required!

Defrost a Freezer More Quickly Use a clothes steamer to melt away the ice build-up quickly if you have a freezer that is not self-defrosting. Often, a few steam bursts will release an ice maker that doesn’t work properly because it’s filled with too much air.

Remove Labels, Stickers, and Wallpaper A fabric steamer works wonders to help remove labels on glass jars, window stickers, and wallpaper by removing the adhesive Use it cautiously on anything made of particleboard and unpainted surfaces. Follow up with a paint remover for cloth stickers to get rid of the last pieces of the adhesive.

Refresh Drapes, Bedding, and Upholstery A sheets steamer may have been used to eliminate wrinkles from recently washed clothing or a new bed cover. But that steam does much more than wrinkle reduction, it also helps remove odors, pollen, and even insects. Use a fabric steamer to sanitize pillows and upholstery to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria when someone is sick and has spent a lot of time on the couch.


Tackle Fabric and Upholstery Stains When you notice a ground-in stain on fabric, car seats or furniture upholstery, a steam blast from a cloth steamer will help remove it and make removal even simpler. Begin by keeping the steamer away from the stain for at least six inches and having it work for about 30 seconds. Blot the region with a clean white towel and repeat when appropriate until the towel is no longer discolored. You may still need to use a stain remover, but you should be more effective with the end results.

Blast Off Mildew and Dust on Grout High temperatures and mildew don’t go hand in hand, so use the clothes steamer to reach mildewed grout in tiled bathroom floors and shower cabinets. The steam will also help loosen some debris in kitchens and mudrooms that has dulled the grout on the walls.

Use some steam to help release soap scum from ceramic tile and natural stone floors, shower doors, and plumbing fixtures until you continue scrubbing.

Make Windows and Mirrors Shine Using steam to wash from windows and mirrors smudges and dirt. To stop stains, make sure to follow up with a lint-free microfibre cloth or squeegee. You may not need to use any other cleaners.

Detail The vehicle inside and out You don’t just need to carry the steamer clothes inside. The steam is perfect when it’s time to wash and scrub the vehicle and avoid difficult grime on hubcaps and bumpers. Use the steamer to remove stains from the mats of the vehicle, carpet and furniture. And don’t forget to give a steam to windows and mirrors to clean them up.

Steam Off Germs on Toys It takes a couple of minutes to give plastic toys and stuffed animals a strong steam after any sniffles or even playdates. Despite harsh chemicals, the high temperatures can destroy viruses. Sadly, on comics, decorated wooden toys, or any item with paper decals, you should not use a clothes steamer.

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