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Four Front Yard Fixes

Front yards bring homes to life. From cottages to mansions, ranches to multi-story builds, front yards offer the first impression of your style to guests and neighbors. Looking to add some character and charm to your front yard? Look no further. Check out these four tips to take your front yard from drab to fab.

Flower Beds

An instant, easy front yard fix involves a trip to your local home store and a few hours in the soil. Flowers bring color and personality to your front yard! Consult with a garden pro at your local shop or research the best of flowers and bulbs suitable for the amount of sunlight in your front yard. Plant flowers in soil beds, along walkways, or even in decorative entryway pots for a true show-stopping moment.


Elevate your colorful new flowers with some additional landscaping, such as trees and shrubs. Consider adding texture and other elements such as mulching and stone midlothian tx to make greenery areas really shine.

Porch Moments

Bring some cheer to your front yard by amplifying porch décor. If you have a large covered porch, consider building a swing or adding a pair of chairs to encourage outdoor entertainment and conversation. All homes can benefit from simple front door updates like a fresh coat of paint, wreaths, or doormats. Add seasonal flair to your front yard by rotating wreaths and doormats to match seasonal colors and holidays.


Add some light to your front yard to both illuminate walkways and provide security all night long. Consider adding decorative outdoor sconces or gas burning lights for a decorative touch on your home’s front façade. Other lighting ideas include sidewalk and walkway lights, illuminated address signs, and tree lights to brighten up landscaping during the evening.

With these simple updates, your front yard can become the envy of the neighborhood!

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