Latest Trends at Modern and Contemporary Furniture Stores

A pop of accent color is a stylish way to add personality to any room. In 2023, expect vibrantly colored furniture paired with a wood finish.

Rounded lines and soft curves are emerging as a major furniture trend. From round sofas to curved accent chairs, this style adds visual interest.

Open-Concept Living Spaces

One of the most popular trends in home design is open-concept living. This entails having a room that flows seamlessly into the next, allowing for easy movement between living spaces.

Choose furniture and decor with a consistent design thread for a clean, seamless look. This can be as simple as using a single accent color across all spaces. For example, use moss green tea towels in the kitchen, green throw pillows on the sofa, and a moss green table runner on the dining room table.

For a more cohesive and refined style, visit the online store for modern and contemporary furniture made to last. Their furniture collections are also curated to give your space a unique, one-of-a-kind look.

Contemporary Furniture

Modern furniture trends often feature bold patterns, but contemporary styles favor soft or neutral color palettes. Neutral-colored couches, for example, allow rugs and other accessories to take center stage.

Another popular contemporary design trend is multipurpose furniture, which serves more than one function to help you maximize your space. This type of furniture is perfect for small apartments and other tight living spaces.

A greener design choice is biophilic furniture, which uses wood tones and vintage aesthetics to promote a sense of connection with nature. This furniture is a great way to add natural beauty and calm to your home while staying in the latest style. So it is best to find this with promos like the Castlery promo code and discounts for the best worth buying.

Multifunctional Furniture

If you live in a small living space or need to move frequently, multifunctional furniture can make your life easier. This furniture type is crafted with built-in storage to hold blankets, shoes, and more.

These pieces are an excellent solution for tight spaces but can also be used in larger rooms to create a more inviting environment. Many homeowners love the idea of a couch that transforms into a bed, a desk that doubles as a coffee table, or ottomans that open up for storage.

These furniture designs are made with organic shapes and soft edges to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. They may be upholstered in light colors to add vibrancy and a touch of warmth.

Organic Minimalist Furniture

In contrast to sleek modern furniture, organic minimalist furniture features natural textures and warm materials. This trend is ideal for balancing clean lines with a cozy vibe, especially in open-concept living spaces.

Look for pieces with rounded backs and curved lines to incorporate this style into your space. Ottomans and benches can also work well for blending in organic shapes.

Eco-friendly furnishings are another big trend that’s sure to continue to grow. Look for reclaimed wood tables and chairs that help reduce waste while adding character to your home. Green-inspired paints are also a great way to add a pop of color. Look for shades like Sherwin-Williams’ 2022 color of the year, Very Peri.

Art Deco-Inspired Furniture

If straight lines and geometric shapes aren’t your thing, consider adding Art Deco-inspired furniture to your space. This style was popular in the 1920s after an art exhibition and can bring a sophisticated feel to your home.

Look for exotic wood sideboards, curved accent chairs, and even gold lamps to get the look. Exotic woods like ebony and rosewood allow designers to create the bold, intricate shapes that characterize Art Deco.

Plenty of modern art deco pieces can be found at retailers. For more unique finds, try secondhand stores and antique fairs. Many independent artists also sell their art deco-inspired designs on sites.

Curved and Soft-Edged Furniture

As a contemporary reinterpretation of the designs of the 1970s, curved furniture is a stylish choice that feels fresh again. These rounded pieces can be used as accent chairs in cozy bedroom nooks or anchor pieces for a modern living room.

Curved shapes like circular accent tables and rounded modern fire features give rooms a natural, calming feel. This trend is rooted in biophilic design, which references organic curved lines found in nature.

Our brains associate curved shapes with feelings of safety and serenity, while sharp objects evoke more anxiety. Add a modern curved sofa to your home, or opt for the sleek and contemporary Soft Edge series to try this furniture trend.

Accent Colors

With more homeowners seeking to create functional, open-concept living spaces, they want their furniture to serve multiple purposes. Clean-lined foundation pieces like contemporary sofas and coffee tables are versatile enough to accentuate the other colors in the room. Bright pops of color like teal and blue also add a hint of style.

As gray furniture color schemes fade, softer hues are taking their place. Earthy browns and Danish pastels provide a natural, serene aesthetic. A curved accent chair or a tufted bedroom bench is a great way to trial this trend without making too big of a commitment.

Transparent or Transparent Furniture

Transparent furniture is an excellent way to make rooms appear larger without sacrificing storage or floor space. It is also great for balancing the proportions of colors or patterns in a room.

Clear plastic (poly(methyl methacrylate), Lucite, Acrylite, or Plexiglass) is popular for modern transparent furniture.

Glass or acrylic stools are another popular choice for contemporary transparency. Like chairs, they can add a sleek appearance to a living space and perfectly complement metallic accents. They can also look elegant when paired with natural wood and plants. A good option is this modern bookcase from Wisteria with rope handles.

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