Upgrade Your Plumbing System for Efficiency and Savings

People often wait until plumbing fixtures break before replacing them, and by then there may be property damage. But older fixtures that work inefficiently can be costly too, due to higher water bills and eventual breakage. Plumbing companies Geneva IL can help you when things break and can also help you modernize your plumbing system. Among the benefits of upgrading your plumbing system are reduced water consumption and improved water flow.

Water Consumption

Anything you can do to reduce your water consumption will translate into savings on your water bills. Among the obvious things to do to reduce water consumption are fixing leaky faucets inside your home and leaky spigots outside. Even more important is fixing a running toilet before it wastes untold gallons of water. By far the best way to reduce water usage, in the long run, is to replace old, inefficient plumbing fixtures. For example, toilets manufactured before 1992 use more than twice as much water as modern toilets every time you flush! You can significantly reduce your water consumption by repairing broken toilets or upgrading them to more efficient designs.

Water Flow

There has been much news coverage lately on aging pipes in the U.S.. If you have an older home, it likely has galvanized steel pipes. Depending on when the pipes were made, they may be contaminating your water with impurities. Due to the obvious health concerns, a plumber should be consulted for advice if you own an older home. Besides concerns about health, galvanized steel pipes can deteriorate because of internal corrosion and rusting. The immediate result can be lower water pressure, but over time there can be leaks and potential damage to your property. In contrast, modern pipes made of copper or PVC plastic don’t rust and are less likely to break. If your home contains aging pipes, you should monitor them for damage and ideally have them replaced by a plumber.

Upgrading your plumbing system can be an incredible investment in your home. While it may cost a little right now, the rewards you’ll reap in the future due to its increased efficiency can be enormous.



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