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Things To Consider When Moving

Moving can be an equally stressful and exciting time – from the excitement of signing your new lease, to the organized chaos that comes with packing. Before moving day arrives, ensure a stress-free transition by following this simple checklist.

Step 1: Keep What Brings You Joy

Marie Kondo’s popular cleaning trend comes in handy when it comes to packing. Chances are, since you first moved in, you’ve acquired a lot of stuff. Before you begin the packing process, go through the entire house and do some purging. Don’t be afraid to be brutal. If you haven’t touched or worn it in a year, you probably won’t be missing it. Thinning out your belongings and keeping only what matters will make the packing process so much easier.

Step 2: Determine Easier Options

There are some items that just aren’t worth moving alone. Hiring a moving company can ease much of the stress that comes with transporting furniture down stairs and through doorways. Additionally, check out local storage options for items you won’t need right away. Using clothing, furniture, or boat storage can allow you more time to settle into your new home.

Step 3: Order Ahead

While your mind is probably on the enormous pile of boxes before your eyes, spend a few hours thinking of your future needs. What items need to be waiting for you at the new home? Ordering necessities like mattresses or trash bags can save you a lot of time when you first arrive.

Step 4: Packing

So, you’ve purged your home, determined what items can go to storage and ordered the necessities. Finally, it’s time to start packing. Start by packing the items you won’t need until the following season, then follow with the items you won’t need until the next month. Using this process, go throughout the whole house, packing items in order of necessity. At the end, you should just have a small bag left with your travel essentials.

Take these four steps to ensure that your moving day is stress-free. On the big day, you’ll be able to pop the champagne and put your feet up, celebrating a job well done.

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