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A Guide to Security Storm Shutters

With the climate getting worse every year due to man-made activities, natural calamities like hurricanes and tornadoes are on the rise, causing property destruction and loss of life. Since accurate prediction of a natural calamity is not possible, prior protection becomes a necessary step to endure the wrath of nature through its worse. Most modern Security storms shutters have brought relief to the masses living in tornado or hurricane prone zones. Storm shutters and security shutters have their differences, the main one being the diverse security features inbuilt with security shutters that provide complete protection from theft and break-ins. The storm shutter which comes in various structures and shapes are sturdier and durable than security shutters.

A decent window or door would fail miserably in the case of a Category 3 Hurricane. The high wind pressure and debris can annihilate windows and doors which can even compromise the roof structure making it an emergency situation. Before we get started with the descriptions, it is worth mentioning that only accordion shutters, storm panels, and roll-down shutters are used for protecting doors.

Storm Panels

Storm panels are designed to offer protection against hurricanes. They are made of steel and polycarbonate which offer very high tensile strength and durability against extreme winds and flying debris. They can be rolled up during the calmer months of the year and cost in the range of $7-$15 per set. The cost depends on the size, quality and the features of the storm panels

Roll Down Shutters

This is the high-end version of hurricane shutters that are generally made from very high-quality metal and known for its exceptional ability to resist high-intensity storms while maintaining complete structural integrity. The setup is more permanent in nature and the shutter rolls down using a mechanical trigger that frees the shutter held up in a box at the top of the window or the door. Not only does it provide complete protection against natural disasters, but they are also amazing insulators which help to keep the home warm and unaffected by the harmful exterior conditions. The cost per square feet varies between $20-$30.


Accordion storm shutters are contained in a box that is attached to any side of the window. Made of polycarbonate and steel, they offer the flexibility of unrolling them from the box and fixing it at any position on the window. For every square foot of space, the cost of Accordion style storm shutters varies between $15-$25.


These shutters are known for its exterior aesthetics to the house with its beautifully designed structures. These shutters are mounted on the windows which provide protection while adding to the beauty of the house exteriors. The constituents used are metal, polycarbonate and diverse colors that make it vibrant and strong at the same time. These are very costly due to the added benefits and cost around $200-$400 per shutter.

A normal shutter can be defined as a collection of steel slats linked together that protect doors and windows. In the security rolling shutters, the structure has better profile filling, sophisticated locks and some even have automated shutters which acts as a bank vault, opening and closing at the scheduled time. A storm shutter is tested to the limits before getting released to the market.

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