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Make Fire the Center of a Spectacular Outdoor Living Space 

For millennia, humans have been drawn to the warmth and comfort of a fire. Whether it’s a crackling fireplace in the winter or a stack of logs on a campfire, the dance of light and shadow is enticing. Consider installing a steel sphere fire pit in your outdoor living space to capture the beauty of fire. 

Touches the Heart

The hearth has long been the heart of a home. Consider including a steel sphere fire pit in your yard design. Guests will be drawn to the beauty of this striking feature that is a sculpture by day and a source of light and warmth at night. Place the fire pit in the center of a circle covered in gravel or paving stones and surrounded by benches, or put it on a pedestal where it will shine like a beacon in the night.

Reflects Your Unique Style

You can find a steel sphere fire pit in a design to reflect the style of your unique project. Is your outdoor living space a green oasis surrounded by hanging trees and fragrant bushes? Choose a ball with cutouts of leaves and flowers or a silhouette of the earth. Into fantasy? You can find a design with dragons, ancient warriors or space ships. From whimsy to passion, these beautiful, fiery sculptures make a statement that reflects your personal style.

Easy To Install

Not only are steel fire pits beautiful, but they are also easy to set up. They come in two designs: wood-fired and gas-fired. To install the wood version, simply set the fireball on its base on a level surface that is not near anything flammable. It is a good idea to plan for wood storage in your yard design, too. The gas-fired version is set up much like a backyard grill and uses the same type of propane canister.

Add romance and beauty to your outdoor living space. Fire features are visually striking, easy-to-install and come in a design that is right for you.

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