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Looking after the windows in your house

The windows in your house do much more than just provide you with a lovely view out to your garden. They are one of the main ways that light enters your house but they also help to keep draughts out and keep your house nice and warm. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your windows are in full working order.

You should always make sure that when you have your windows repaired or fitted that you use the services of a reputable, professional company such as Cheltenham Double Glazing who can fit and install windows professionally.

Checking your windows periodically for cracks in the glass can help prevent you from experiencing draughts in that part of your house and cracked and broken glass is obviously a safety hazard. Again, if you have any problems with the glass in your windows you should identify where the issue is and then consult with a window company.

The rubber seals around the edges of your glass hold the glass into the frame and over time these can deteriorate and even crack. This causes them to not work as effectively as they once did and can cause draughts and ultimately loose glass. It is worth having a look at your seals at least once every six months or so and you should definitely check them before the cold winter weather starts to set in.

Condensation on the insides of your window can indicate a problem with the functioning of your window if this is a regular occurrence and can mean that one of the window seals isn’t functioning correctly. You need to deal with any moisture problem as soon as you can as this can lead to mould forming along your seals and window edges.

Over time you can find that cracks and holes appear in the area around the window frame and this can appear on any of the four sides. If you notice and cracks you can simply repair these by carefully filling the area with window caulk which you can buy from any good hardware store. This will help to reseal the area and prevent draughts and moisture from forming and will also remove the unsightly crack.

Other areas that you should regular check include the window locks and latches. If you are having trouble locking your window for any reason you should look into having these repaired or replaced.

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