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How to style an all-white room

White has traditionally been the colour of choice when seeking a pure, minimalist look for a living space. It makes the most of light, and it can make a small room look bigger. White is considered a symbol of cleanliness. It’s one reason that dental surgeries, beauty salons and restaurants often incorporate white as a major component of their colour schemes.

Simply whitewashing the walls and ceiling can lead to a stark and cold effect. To bring warmth, mood and interest to the space, consideration needs to be given to the way you style your room.

Blank canvas

The versatility of a predominantly white room is attractive to prospective buyers and tenants as it presents a blank canvas for them to personalise, as this high-end property demonstrates.

A white background includes fixtures and fittings such as patio door and window frames, radiators and light switches. When combined with a predominantly white colour scheme, this help bring non-white details to the fore.

For example, a picture frame, a bowl of fruit or vase of flowers will look even more vibrant in an all-white room. Brightly coloured details on furnishings will add interest, while muted, natural tones can soften the overall effect.

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Shape and texture

If you are starting from scratch, you will want to consider the shape and style of your fixtures and fittings. For example, do you want wooden or PVC window frames? A white painted radiator cover can look elegant and sophisticated, while column radiators like those available from http://apolloradiators.co.uk/Products/View/3/54/7/category/roma/Apollo-roma-bespoke-steel-column-radiator can give a more industrial feel to your room.

Think about texture, too. Fabric wall hangings can create a focal point, while rugs and throws can soften a monochrome look. A light-coloured wooden floor adds instant warmth to an all-white room.


White will reflect any form of light, so the ambience in a pure white room will be affected by the time of day as well as the weather and view outside. Coloured lighting can transform the mood in your room at the flick of a switch, and with some of the new remote-controlled multi-coloured lights available, you have complete control over the ambience at your fingertips.

As Leonardo Da Vinci once advised, to bring out beautiful colours, you should always start with a pure white background.


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