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How To Prepare For Concrete

Let’s be honest, everyone could use a little more concrete on their property. Concrete is one of the best stable platforms you can have for cars, RV’s sheds and more on your property. However, there are a few things you should do in order to prepare for a concrete slab Tulsa OK pour. Let’s go over what some of those things are so that you can get the best results from your concrete job.

Utility Marking

Before you dig up anything, it’s a great idea to call your local utility line marking company to come to your property and mark the utilities such as power, internet, gas, and water. This will help you to visually see where on your property these pipes are so you don’t accidentally cause any problems when digging. Most concrete that is poured is at least four inches thick, so that means you could be digging a hole in the ground that is a foot or more depending on how much gravel will go under the concrete. Making sure your lines are marked is extremely important to avoid costly disasters that are more than avoidable with some simple spray marks on the ground.

Sprinkler Lines

If you have sprinklers in your yard, chances are they will have to be dealt with when concrete is going to be poured. The first step is identifying where your sprinklers are in order to make sure that you know which ones you will need to cap, move, or remove completely. Once you have an idea of which sprinklers need attention, you can make sure you watch out for the utility markings to start digging out the sprinklers. Moving sprinklers and lines will help to make sure that your concrete pour will go smoothly, and that won’t be putting your new concrete at risk of broken sprinkler lines in the future.

Give Them Room

Concrete equipment is large and needs room to maneuver on your property. Make sure that you park cars on streets instead of driveways to give workers ample space to get their equipment in and out without hindrance. Cement trucks are also very large and need space to be able to get the wet concrete to the areas where your slabs will be poured.

As you can see, preparing for a concrete pour is very important to ensure that the job gets done right and as efficiently as possible.

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