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Fire Pit Buying Guide For Your House

Fire pits are a stellar addition to your outdoors. They serve as a social hot spot, a place to relax and to share food, fun and laughter with friends and family. A warm and welcoming fire, makes every evening special, no matter what season it is.

If you have decided to install a fire pit in your garden or the backyard, you are just a few steps away from enjoying the perfect evening under the starry skies, by the fire’s glow.

There are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a fire pit for your house. There is a huge variety of pre-fabricated fire pits in the market; or you could get a designer to customize one for your space. Whatever the choice, fire pit considerations include certain important factors.

Take a look at them to make a poignant decision.

  1. Local regulations

The most important step, before purchasing or designing any fire pit for yourself is to check local area codes related to outdoor fire pits and burning of wood and other fuels. You will also have to seek permissions from your residential complex authorities. Sometimes, local fire inspectors may visit the area to check whether your space is adequate and safe for a fire pit. You may also be obligated to choose eco-friendly fuels for the fire.

  1. Style

You can go all out and bring to life your personal style preferences when it comes to your outdoor fire pit. But keep in mind, that the fire pit is an addition to the existing landscape; unless you plan on a big remodeling project. So, make sure that your choice blends well with the existing décor.

You have options of color, shape, size, and material to make this a very personal space.

  1. Size and portability

The size of your fire pit will mainly depend on the area of your garden or backyard; and local fire safety norms which may require you to have a certain distance between the pit and the fence, for example.

If you know exactly where you would like to sit and entertain guests, you can opt for a permanent fixture. A square or rectangular fire pit made out of stone could go well here.

But if you have a wide area and can choose a new spot each time, you have the option of a portable firepit. Fire pits in bowl versions are a good choice then.

  1. Material and fuel

There is a lot of variety in the materials available for fire pits. These range from stone and tile to copper and stainless steel. Stone and tile are great choices for pits that are fixed. These materials are fire proof and also add a rustic feel to your landscape. Copper and stainless steel and durable, rust-resistant and easy to clean. Plus, they are lighter and can be carried around.

Fire pits generally use wood, or fuels like propane gas. Wood is cost-effective and gives a real feel but may not be allowed owing to environmental regulations.

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