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Different Ways To Update Your Banister

Staircases often get overlooked when updating the home. Maybe the idea of sanding and painting each scrolling spindle gives you nightmares. However, think about how much time you spend going up and down those stairs. Think about all the family pictures of kids getting ready for school or going to the prom taken on those steps. Instead of settling for the staircase as an eye-soar, use these ideas as motivation to transform it into a beautiful focal point.

Replace Wood With Iron

If you have wood floors, wooden handrails and wooden spindles, break it up with some iron. Black wrought iron makes an ideal material for banisters because it is durable and won’t chip or flake. You could replace only the spindles and leave the hand railing alone. Or, you could replace the whole thing by contacting a skilled ironworker Kansas City MO. There are endless possibilities with iron ranging from ornate to modern designs.

Sand and Paint

This is the least expensive option, but it may be the most labor-intensive. It is imperative that old stain and paint be sanded off completely before you apply new paint. Hours of sitting on the stairs, squeezing yourself through stair spindles may send you running out the door. Nonetheless, the time spent and the money saved makes painting the banister a fantastic option. This can also give you the freedom to add color to your design.

Change Directions

One trend that has been popping up in designs lately is switching the direction of stair spindles. Instead of spindles going vertically from the stair tread to the railing, run supports horizontal to the handrail. Flipping the basic banister design updates a staircase while retaining the ability to fit into any style. You can maintain a cottage or craftsman style by using wood. Or, you can go modern by using metal, cable or even rope.

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