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Add These Features To Keep Your Guests Inside the Hotel

The guests at your hotel are likely there to visit areas outside of your establishment. However, if you want to increase your revenue stream, you will need to invest in additional services and features that persuade them to stay inside as much as possible. As you try to attract potential customers to your location, consider adding the following incentives.

Indoor Pools

Pools hold a wide appeal, from children who want to swim and have fun to adults who want to relax. Go beyond installing indoor pools and complement them with these additions:

  • Diving boards
  • Slides
  • Wave generators
  • Water sport accessories

These items will give your guests more entertainment options. Remember to keep everyone safe in deeper pools by hiring lifeguards or restricting access. Also, have a commercial pool service Sarasota FL keep your pool maintained and safe on a weekly basis.

Food Establishments

While your hotel likely offers guests basic plans consisting of fresh meals, you might want to escalate if you want them to keep eating inside. There are several hotels that have additional small restaurants with different specialties, offering people several choices. Other guests may not have extravagant tastes and feel satisfied with convenience store food. A small market can offer pre-packaged and prepared food for people who are in hurry and balance meals with other duties.


Tourists seek all sorts of entertainment featured throughout the neighboring community. You can save them a trip by providing your own entertainment. If you have a bar, you can plan events like karaoke and open mic that encourage participation. For less interactive options, use your stage to host numerous types of performances, from musical concerts and elaborate dancing to dinner theater. The possibilities for in-house entertainment are endless.

While it is impossible to please every single guest, there are certain features that should help you satisfy the most. These additions will help you keep individuals inside your establishment and grow your profits.

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