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Abandoned Fuel Oil Tanks: What You Need To Know

In the days before there was access to natural gas, people had to burn fuel oil that had to be stored in large tanks to heat their homes. Sometimes these were in the house, but more often they were buried under the ground. When existing homes were converted to natural gas heating, the fuel oil tanks often remained.

If you have an abandoned fuel oil tank on your property, or think you may have one, you can’t just ignore it. You may need to seek the services of a fuel oil tank removal company Ulster County NY. Otherwise, it could cause serious trouble for you.

How Do You Know if You Have an Abandoned Fuel Oil Tank?

The most obvious indication that you have an abandoned fuel oil tank buried somewhere on your property is mysterious pipes coming out of the ground outside. These will typically be near the home’s foundation or sometimes extend directly through it. There should be two pipes, a vent pipe and a fill pipe.

What Happens if You Do Not Remove the Fuel Oil Tank?

You may wonder why you need to remove the fuel oil tank if it is underground and not getting in your way. Chances are good that the tank was not completely emptied after it was no longer in use, meaning that it could still have some fuel inside. Over time, the integrity of the tank can degrade, and any fuel that is remaining could leak out as a result. A leaking underground storage tank could contaminate the soil. As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to mitigate this environmental problem, which can be very expensive.

Are There Alternatives to Removing the Tank?

It is not always necessary to remove the tank completely. An alternative may be to fill it in place so that it no longer causes problems. Your options depend on the laws of your community.


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