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How to Create A Paver Patio That Really Pops

Homeowners seeking custom patios as a way to spruce up and revitalize the exterior appearance of a property have many patio design tips to keep in mind. But when it comes to creating a paver patio that really pops, you want to make sure you do the following:

Your Patio Foundation

A great paver patio starts with having the right foundation underneath. Without a strong base upon which to build, you’re just not going to have a patio that will last. So, while you’ve likely hired a contractor who knows what he or she are doing, you are the one tasked with supervising this job. Just be sure the contractor is digging the base of your patio at a minimum of six inches deep. Once you lie down your pavers over a foundation at this depth, you can rest assured knowing that your patio will be stable and sturdy for as long as you own it.

Weed Prevention

You want your paver to pop, you don’t want weeds to pop in between your pavers. A landscape barrier layered in between your soil and the paver stones should help do the trick. If you are facing a larger concern with unwanted growth, you may try a soil additive to stunt that growth and keep your paver patio looking great.

Choose Your Paver Stones Carefully

You don’t want just any paver patio; you want one that’s going to stand out. So, take the extra step of selecting the exact paver stones you plan to lay down by choosing specific colors and textures you want to incorporate into your patio design. Don’t be limited in your selections, go with a full range of shades and colors that match or complement the colors that surround your patio. You might even consider going with one certain color and laying down paver stones that show off that particular color in various shades and hues.

Furnishing Your Paver Patio

Now is where you can start to get creative. It’s one thing to have a paver patio, it’s another to have a patio that can be a fully functional living space. How you design that living space is entirely up to you, but consider your options. You can make it an area for lounging and relaxing or give it some additional functionality by turning it into a dining area. If you have enough space, you may want to add a barbecue to increase that functionality as a dining space.

Piece-Meal Projects

As you work towards building a design for your patio, don’t try to take on too much at one time. Attempting to complete this project as a whole all at once can become daunting and frustrating. That’s how most home improvement ideas eventually stall out. If this is a job you are doing yourself, you may be much better off by taking things slowly and doing small sections separately. This way you’ll feel as if you’re getting something accomplished.

Build on A Slight Angle

Depending on where you plan to locate your patio, you want to be cognizant of the potential for damage that could occur if you install it on a level surface. You could end up sending water into the basement if you fail to build on a slight slope away from the home’s foundation. The closer you build to the house, the more important this will be to ensure that no damage occurs from moisture.

Consider Working from A Pattern

The inspiration for your patio design can come from just about anywhere but for those of you who are feeling a little lacking in that department, consider following the lead of your home’s architectural style. If you repeat the overall aesthetic that has been established by your house you can create a living space that has a natural feel for the rest of the property. If you want something else that doesn’t match exactly and would rather complement or even contrast the home, you can turn to other patterns and ideas in the surrounding environment.

Customization Options

This is your space; you do with it what you want. Designing the space to reflect your personal taste and preferences is key. Go with anything that allows you to personalize this space in your own style. That can go for any components that you incorporate into the overall appearance of the patio. Whether you decide to craft artwork that can remain on the patio or you choose individual pavers to modify and customize as a way to include into the design of the aesthetic, you have a myriad of options before you.

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