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Cellulose insulation: a brief guide

There are different types of insulation materials being used every day by the homeowners to insulate their homes to the extreme weather conditions. One of the most popular variant of insulation is the fiberglass one as it is light to the pocket and easy to install. But if you are looking for an even better option and you can spare some more money for the insulation process, then you should go for the cellulose insulation for your house.

The cellulose insulation is the one that is obtained from the plant fiber and goes pretty well with the insulation of the roofs and walls of the house and helps make them drought free, noise free and gives a house a shield from the extreme cold weather.


It is one of the oldest insulation materials in use till date and the results that it gives are extraordinary. There are several advantages of the use of this type of insulation over the others and here we are going to briefly describe them to you.

  • Better R-value

The degree to which the insulation is good, is measured in terms of the R-value of the material being used for insulation. In case of cellulose, the R-value is higher compared to the other materials. Since it is made from plenty of recycled paper, the material gets dense and helps provider better sealing to the external elements.

  • Fills cavities better

The thickness of the cellulose insulation allows it to cover and fill the cavities pretty better than the other materials in use for insulation purposes. If you are looking forward to get the gaps filled, you can rely on this material easily. The fiberglass insulation does not completely block the air, while this insulation is the perfect one.

  • Environment and health friendly

Unlike the other insulation materials, that are somewhat not very good for the health of the people as well as for the environment, this cellulose insulation is something very good and eco-friendly as well. So we can easily rely on it and enjoy the perks of a healthy life.

  • Thermal efficiency

The R-value of the cellulose insulation is as good as 3.8 per inch, that makes it nearly equal to that of glass wool. It therefore provides perfect insulation and the thermal efficiency is pretty good in its case. However, there are other factors that affect the performance of this insulation and they include the structure of the building as well as air channels and vents location.

  • Does not lose its R-value and does not degrade

If you have got the cellulose insulation installed by some professionals like Cellulose Insulation Phoenix AZ, then it sure would not lose its R-value and would not degrade as well. it is better to hire the professionals for the installation of any kind of insulation because if applied improperly, it would definitely lose its worth and would not function properly.


  • Only one insulation style
  • Not an air barrier
  • Not moisture resistant

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