A Touch up Pen Can do Wonders For Your Furniture

A Touch up Pen Can do Wonders For Your Furniture

If your old furniture is wearing out, you must have considered replacing it. But, there is another approach through which you can reacquire the timeless essence of your wood furniture without the need for expensive replacements. Mohawk wood finishing products are one such option as they can adequately preserve wood surfaces and fix minor damages so that your furniture looks like new again. Nevertheless, a lot of these products can get tricky to work with and may necessitate the need for an expert. You might even fail to discern any repairs in your furniture with an incorrect application. For all the trivial adjustments, you may want to consider a touch-up pen. It’s affordable, practical and provides long-lasting results.

While a touch-up pen may not seem very different from regular colored markers, it can actually deliver rather exceptional outcomes and dramatically conceal scratches, scrapes and the imperfect edges of your wood furniture. They come in every reasonable shade to flawlessly match most traditional wood finishes – from your cherry closet to walnut table. If you don’t find the color you require, you can even blend different shades to create a perfect match. You just have to remember starting with a lighter color as lighter shades can get dark later, but darker shades cannot get lighter. Apart from an ample range of shades, these pens also have a precise tip and UV protection in order to render neat, consistent and reliable results every time. Here’s how you can use a wood touch up pen to take your old furniture from “well” to “wow!” Begin by purchasing a pen that is a perfect match for the wood surface you have to fix. Before working with the pen, properly clean your entire furniture with a wet cloth in order to make sure that there is no wax or grease on its surfaces. Considerately and carefully use the pen on the damaged spots (scratches or marks). Wipe off the rest with a clean rag immediately, as the color dries quickly and once dried, the color is permanent. If you have worked with all varieties of wood finishing products (crayons, wax solvents, stains, etc.) and nothing seemed to meet the desired results, then you can absolutely benefit from pens.

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