Different Installation Processes Used by Timber Floor Installers Sydney

Different Installation Processes Used by Timber Floor Installers Sydney

According to the experts and reputed timber floor installers, they use different methods and techniques for the installation process and the method to be chosen generally depends upon the kind of floor. One more thing that defines that method of installation to be chosen is the base on which this installation is to be done. For example, the installation is to be done on the concrete; these experts would first assess the base and make sure that it has the required standard of moisture. In this post, we will review different kinds of timber floors and the methods used by the professional for the insulation process. The Plywood System

Experts from different companies dealing in these solutions recommend that the plywood system is ideal only for residential work, where secret nail tongue and groove floor both are a necessity. This reason is that with this method, it can be very easy to achieve that cushioned effect of the concrete floor. This process of installation generally involves laying a moisture barrier over the concrete, then fixing the 15mm plywood sheeting using high tensile steel fixings. Once done, the floor boards are then, secretly nailed and later glued very precisely to the plywood to make sure that the height of 34 mm is achieved by the finish. According to the experts, this process is considered ideal for residential usage because of the solid mass of plywood subfloor that can eliminate vermin inhabitation. One more reason cited by timber floor installers Sydney is that it is a quieter floor to walk on compared to Batten System. The Batten System The next system used by timber floor installers is the batten system and it is used mainly for fixing wide board Tongue & Groove flooring over concrete. For this, they use a 70 mm x 35 mm hardwood batten that is fixed over the moisture barrier. Once this has been done the next step involves gluing the floor and later, hand nailing it through the top of the board to the battens. The result of this action is that the finished height of 54 mm is achieved quite easily. In terms of batten systems, experts say that a 19 mm hardwood batten can also be used to secret nail and fix an 80 mm x 19 mm Tongue & Groove floor board over concrete. According to them, this is a much economical system than the one discussed above, but it comes with a drawback of being very drummy. Direct Glue System The next system used by timber floor installers Sydney is called the Direct Glue System and, in this system, Tongue & Groove flooring is glued directly to the concrete slab. Because of this method, you will see that the adhesion process holds importance in this system Because of this, it has to be ensured before the process that the concrete floor is absolutely flat. This flatness is determined by a close inspection that is done by the experts who will determine whether the floor is good enough to exercise this system. During this inspection process, the experts also determine the amount of moisture present and whether it is as per the required standards or not.

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