5 Steps To Clean Pet Stains & Odour From Your Carpet

5 Steps To Clean Pet Stains & Odour From Your Carpet

Many people love to have pets in their homes, and most of them consider these pets as part of their family. However, it’s not just as simple as it sounds because with pets in your house, a lot of responsibilities fall on your shoulders, especially related to cleanliness. No matter how much you train them, some pets have a habit of making your carpets, upholstery, and other places dirty by peeing on them. This is a sensitive matter because no matter how comfortable you are with the whole idea, your guests will be shocked to see your dirty carpets and upholstery, and it will surely leave a bad impression on you.

Many times, our pets decide to urinate outside their litter box, and such incidents can become too bad to get rid of. You need to put into a considerable amount of time and energy to kill the odour completely. The ugly odour may hang around for weeks or possibly until you decide to get it cleaned with the help of professional cleaners. Obviously, it is crazy to call a cleaning organisation each time the pet dirties the cover, yet actually there are many cleaning solutions that can be as powerful as the expert results of experienced cleaners. It doesn’t mean you should do the job yourself all the time. Check out these basic cleaning steps you can try next time your pet ruins your carpet. Step #1 – Act Quickly – The first and the most vital thing you have to keep in mind is to try to evacuate the pet stains instantly whenever it happens. In some cases, this would be difficult to do this job because most of the times the pet does it work in places that are hard to reach. However, it’s your job to find that specific dirty area and remove the stain before it dries out. Step #2 – The Initial Step – when the pet stain is found, you must put paper or towels and attempt to evacuate as much as you can. By doing this, you will have less to clean, but unluckily, you need to put additional effort to get rid of the bad odour.

Step #3 – Cleaning the Stain – After you’ve finished absorbing the stain, it’s the ideal opportunity for the genuine cleaning. Make a mixture of equal amount of water and white vinegar as it will remove the smell and disinfect the stain as well. First pour this mixture, and then apply some baking soda on the stain. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes, and rinse the solution with water, after that rinse the water with a clean towel. You can repeat these procedures until you are fully satisfied that the smell has gone. Step #4 – Don’t Rub the Surface Hard – Some people have a wrong notion that rubbing the area will make it cleaner. In reality, it will only increase the stain size. Just blot the area with a towel or paper gently. Hire a professional carpet cleaner in Sydney to make the cleaning task a hassle free experience. Step #5 – Odour Neutralisers – It’s a fact that no matter how much effort you put in cleaning the carpet, the odour will remain for a long time. You can spray odour neutralisers to kill these awful smells. Simply hire professional carpet cleaning Sydney inner west based company to do the work for you easily.

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