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Replacement Windows – How Much To Pay?

Any investment in your home requires mindful planning, and replacing your windows is no exception. It’s a good idea to find a family-oriented business that understands the importance of comfort and security. Whether you can afford the upgrade is one of the most crucial decisions.

Money is one thing we hate to waste. The windows do their job to keep cold air, hot air, rain, and snow out. Even though your current windows might keep out the elements, they may be due for replacement.

Deciding What You Can Afford 

Asking yourself some basic questions can help determine what you can afford. 

  • The first question to ask is, “Why should I spend money on window replacement?” The answer is simple: because windows are an investment in your home – and while there are cheap options available, there are no good and inexpensive options. 
  • How old are your current windows? Are they in good condition? Is the paint on the wood peeling off? How do they make your house look? 
  • What other needs do you have for your house? For instance, is a new roof more of a priority than new windows? 
  • Have your current windows developed leaks? Do they need repair before you can install new windows? What will the replacement project require?

What Are Your Goals?

  • Is your goal to sell your home? Should you spend your money on landscaping instead, or does your old building distract from the value of your home, no matter how many curbside tricks you use?
  • How long are you planning to live in your home? According to Forbes, a properly installed and maintained window should last 15 to 25 years. Window replacement adds 71% to the value of your home at resale, making it an asset.

What Are The Benefits?

To get you started, here are a few considerations: 

Is window replacement worth the thousands you will save in energy costs? Many homeowners would say yes, otherwise they wouldn’t have them replaced. 

Consider the following:

  1. Energy
  • Have you recently inspected your windows?
  • Are they leaking? If so, look for water stains beneath your windows. Water encourages decay and mold growth. 
  • On the flip side, does air escape through your windows? In other words, are you paying to air-condition the outdoors?
  • Do the window frames move when you shake them?
  • Does plastic sheeting need to be placed over them in the winter?  
  • Do you and your family feel comfortable sitting near the window?  
  1. Noise Pollution 
  • Are your current windows effective in noise control? It makes a big difference to replace single-pane windows with double-pane ones, especially if you live in a high-traffic or industrial area.
  1. Preservation
  • Are your curtains, furniture, and carpets faded from the sunlight? The ultraviolet rays from faulty single-pane windows can damage fabrics, woods, and skin.
  • Do you find it difficult to clean and maintain your windows? 
  • Often, screens in windows are difficult to remove. When aluminum window frames are old, they can be sticky and hard to move, making cleaning them impossible. Would you even be able to open the windows?
  1. Security
  • Is your security sufficient? 
  • Do you live in a high-risk area? 
  • Do you have high-value inventory or equipment in your business? 
  • Probably the safest type of window is one that doesn’t open. Similarly, casement windows will open, but they are too narrow for people to pass through. Updated frames and hardware add security, which is most likely the number one reason for replacement.

No matter what, the cost of window replacement never takes priority over the well-being of your loved ones.

  1. Safety
  • Do storm windows protect your home? Your loved ones? You live in Houston, after all. If you don’t have hurricane windows here, you’re taking a risk because storms are a way of life. Is your window bowing out when the wind is fierce? If this is the case, your safety and the safety of your loved ones may be at risk. 

Future Plans For Replacement Windows

  • Do you plan to sell your home? Look at it objectively. Is your house looking worn-out and old because of your current windows? Take a look at the real estate market. Would investing in new windows pay off in a faster sale or higher price?
  • Once you select the windows you want, what is the cost? What will the labor involve? Are you remodeling the house with windows, or will your new windows fit into the same space as your old windows?

Your window replacement company should provide a free estimate and make every attempt to satisfy your needs without cutting corners. Additionally, your windows should be replaced with quality materials and clean artistry; that’s the difference between a typical business and a family-owned business.

Choosing new windows is like giving yourself and your family a gift of love. Isn’t it time you started seeing your home in a whole new light?

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