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Which Rooms Are the Best for Carpet in Your Home?

There are many reasons why homeowners decide to install carpet into their homes. Some like how it feels beneath their feet on a chilly morning, some like how it dampens sound from one floor to the other, and some enjoy having such a wide range of options from which to choose in finding ways to beautify the home through the right floor covering.

But when it comes to selecting the “right” floor covering, the choice of room where that carpet is being installed plays no small role in designing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing domain. There is also the matter of functionality to consider. Consider the fact that some rooms are used more often than others, therefore choosing the right carpet is important in order to preserve the look and feel of the material.

Carpet is not cheap and purchasing it requires a significant investment on your part. It’s vital that you protect your investment and you can take the steps necessary towards doing that by selecting your carpet strategically for each room of the home.

Foot traffic is the major reason for picking out your carpet carefully. There are certain rooms that are more widely used than others, meaning you want to consider the amount of wear and tear that material will be subject to on a daily basis. In addition, some rooms are better suited for carpet due to comfort concerns. There are also the considerations for dampening sound in rooms that are used with more frequency. Here are the rooms where you should consider installing carpet:

The Bedroom

Perhaps the second most popular place to have carpeting installed, bedrooms are ideal for carpet because they offer warmth and comfort on those chilly mornings. Step out of bed onto a hardwood floor and it can send a chill up your spine, but with warm plush carpet, your bare feet are well cared for and comfy.

In addition, bedrooms tend to be located upstairs and that can mute the rumble of heavy footsteps from being heard downstairs. Foot traffic isn’t as much of a concern either, as bedrooms are used at certain times of the day and night. So it’s easier to keep these areas maintained with some simple carpet cleaning from time to time.

The Living Room

Here is where you need to be the most cautious about what type of carpet you install because the living room is easily the most popular area for it. The living room is typically where families gather to enjoy time together. A carpet makes this area a whole lot more comfortable and inviting for family and friends alike. You can lie down on it, lounge back and relax, sit and play, carpet just makes sense for the living room.

But since this room sees the most use next to the kitchen, you want to get a carpet that can stand up to the heavy levels of foot traffic that typically move in and out of this room. Look for something that is stain-resistant and durable enough to stand up to the toughest punishment.

The Kids Playroom

Kids like to play on the floor. Are you going to give them a hard surface on which to play or something that offers warmth and softness? Carpeting is ideal for kids’ rooms because it’s a good way to cushion a fall so that your child doesn’t get hurt when the playtime gets a little rough and tumble.

Of course, carpeting this room is going to require the toughest of carpet materials and fibers. Spills, messes, magic markers, and crayon, and who knows what else is likely to get on the carpet over and over again. A good rule of thumb to consider for a room like this is to go with a darker color carpet. That way stains and dirt are less noticeable.

Additional Areas of The Home

While rooms are certainly the most advantageous areas where you might install your carpeting, there aren’t many homes that choose to put carpets only in rooms. Carpeting can be installed in other places that lead to these rooms.

Upstairs Hallways

Carpeting an upstairs hallway is also good for dampening the sounds of the upstairs from being heard downstairs. This is particularly good for households with children running back and forth between their bedrooms.


Installing carpet on the stairs is good for dampening noise but also for traction. You don’t want anyone to fall down the stairs and carpeting can be good for reducing the risk of accidents of this nature occurring.

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