Types of Best Small Microwave

Three forms of microwave ovens are available: Single, Barbecue, and Convection. Solo microwaves are considered to be simple or entry level, grill microwaves are considered to be the next step up, and at the top are convection microwaves. The main distinction between the three is the characteristics, watts, and price used.

What’s a Solo Microwave Oven?

A solo microwave is a simple microwave designed for reheating food and drinks, frying noodles, and defrosting frozen foods. Solo microwaves heat food and drinks using electromagnetic radiation. In both industrial and residential kitchens, it is possible to use solo microwave ovens. Watts are used by these microwaves to turn electricity into heat, which then cooks food.

The cheapest of the three microwaves mentioned in this article are the solo microwaves. These microwaves, from office break rooms, tiny apartments, and restaurant kitchens, can be used nearly everywhere.

Through a mixture of a turntable and watts, these microwaves cook food and beverages. The turntable is designed to produce cooking even during the food or beverage.

Solo microwaves are only called “microwaves,” and because of the lack of characteristics and simple nature, you can tell they are solo.


As I said, reheating dinner yesterday, heating up coffee or tea, and defrosting meat are the most common uses. In addition, for cooking minute rice or pasta, solo microwaves may be used to defrost tonight’s meal.

While you will cook larger meats, with convection or grill microwaves, you will not get the same taste as you can. Solo microwaves at lower wattages can often not cook food as uniformly as microwave ovens with convection or grilling.

From Watts

Solo microwaves for domestic microwaves have a watt capacity of 550-1500. 1,000 watts is the most common wattage for this microwave. The watts and oven capability combine to aid in deciding the price in most situations. The larger the watts typically means the larger the power of the oven and the higher the cost.

You should aim for microwaves with the highest wattage, in most situations. Solo microwaves with the maximum watts usually often have premium characteristics.

Set of Rates

The price ranges from $50 to $300 for a solo microwave van. This selection is based on the following considerations: watts, capability of the oven, characteristics, finish, brand name.

Watts and oven capability are linked together, as I described in the last segment. The higher the wattage, the higher the oven power, for the most part. The Westinghouse MCM660W, for instance, has an oven size of 0.6 cubic feet and 600 watts. However, there is an oven size of 1.1 cubic feet and 1,100 watts for the Westinghouse WCM11100W microwave.

There are three types of finishes available for solo microwaves: acrylic, aluminium, and stainless steel. Plastic, followed by aluminium and stainless steel, is the cheapest. At least 5 percent of the cost of a microwave oven is stainless steel. The Westinghouse WCM16100W, for instance, has the same watts and oven power as the Westinghouse WCM16100SS but costs approximately 15% less.

In the expense of the solo microwave oven, the brand still plays an important role. Like other household appliances, it would most likely cost more if the manufacturer has a good or well-known name in the market.

Power of Oven

Oven power is the amount of room inside your microwave for cooking. By multiplying the length, width , and height, oven capacity is measured. Known as the cubic foot, this measure plays an important part in the microwave ‘s expense and watts.

Solo microwaves have an oven size ranging from 0.5-2.5 cubic feet. For example, a little more than a gallon of milk is 0.5 cubic ft, which is not large enough to cook most things. Microwaves with a cubic foot of 0.6 usually produce less than 900 watts.

Finally, to keep children from being burnt by hot food, some of these microwaves have child protection locks.

What’s a Microwave Oven Grill?

A barbecue microwave is a microwave that offers families the taste of the bbq without an outside grill having to heat up. A microwave oven grill will do everything a solo microwave can do, including pizza, chicken, and fish grills.

Barbecue microwaves grill food with extra accessories and a separate grill heater. These special grilling coils allow the grilling, toasting, and roasting of food.

Microwaves for grills can be marginally more costly than microwaves alone, but must be less expensive than microwaves for convection. With a simple push of a button, the grilling option on these microwaves can be activated.


Grill microwaves can be used, like a solo microwave, for simple popcorn frying, heating beverages, leftovers, and defrosting. Furthermore, microwave grills encourage you to cook beef, chicken , and fish the same way you would cook them on an outdoor grill.

Microwaves for grills are ideal for nearly any form of food and any food scale. The only difference is that these are the perfect microwaves for baking.

From Watts

The bulk of grill microwaves are between 900 watts and 1,700 watts. The higher the watts, the quicker the cooking time, much like solo microwaves. When the watts rise, so does the power and cost of the oven, like solo microwaves.

For grilling microwaves, higher watts would be necessary as they will be unable to produce the grilling taste and even cook without it.

Set of Rates

The price range of microwaves for grilling ranges even more greatly than microwaves for solo use. The price of a grill microwave is dependent on physical position (countertop/ over the range, brand, features, finish, power of the oven, and watts) like solo microwaves. Depending on the previously described variables, the price of grill microwaves will range from $85-$600.

During my study, I discovered that a stainless steel finish was used in most of the grill microwaves. Stainless steel, as I have described, is considered a luxury feature that results in a significant price rise.

Power of Oven

The oven power for grill microwaves is marginally lower than solo microwaves, as is the case for watts. The size of the oven for microwave grills varies from 1 to 2.5 cubic feet. 1,000,000 microwaves were used with the 1.0 cubic feet

The feature of power grilling requires you to only use the grill part. It will only allow the food to cook longer than other settings when using this feature. If they are using some of the grilling features, cooks should try shutting the turntable off.

Finally, you can use less power, conserve resources, and decrease your utility bill by using eco mode.

What is a Microwave Oven for Convection?

Convection microwave ovens have all of the solo and grill microwave cooking choices and have the potential to bake foods. The convection microwave uses a separate combination of heater and fan to cook all the specified ingredients, and more.

Solo and grill microwaves use boxes of metal to steer watts to cook food. In the other side, convection microwaves drive heat into the microwave using a fan that produces a better cooking atmosphere.

Of the three microwave types, convection microwaves are by far the most costly.


Convection microwaves can be used to store cookies, desserts, and breads, in addition to frying popcorn, producing pizza and chicken. Basically, convection microwaves are little ovens that cook various foods more easily.

In industrial kitchens and high-end home kitchens, you can most frequently see these microwaves. These microwaves won’t be found at work (unless you’re employed in a kitchen), in a dorm, or at a university.

From Watts

Microwave ovens for convection range from 800 to 1,700 watts. While watts are important, convection ovens may not be as important, since the cooking technology is different. Solo and grill microwaves bounce back and forth watts, which push heat with a fan into convection ovens.

There is also a link between price, oven capability and watts that is not as tight. Really, I’ve seen a convection oven with a size of 1.4 cubic feet and 1,600 watts, the most expensive convection oven.

Set of Rates

As I said, the price of the convection oven is not strictly dependent on oven capacity and watts. Installation site, finish, brand, and characteristics are also included in this amount.

There are currently three major areas where a convection microwave can be installed: countertop, over the range, and built in. The most expensive of the three choices is the built-in option. The built-in alternative will cost the countertop version 4 times the price.

Convection ovens start at 180 dollars and finish at approximately 2,000 dollars.

Power of Oven

The capacity of the oven for convection microwaves is close to the scale of microwave grills. Microwaves with convection vary from 1 cubic foot to over 2.0 cubic feet of cooking space. The more oven power, the better, much like the solo and grill microwaves.

Settings The Features

Both of the qualities of solo and grill microwaves are in the convection microwave. Convection microwaves can, however, have the following characteristics:

Reheating of Sensor

Technology Inverter

Keep yourself warm

Glass door Premium

Cleaning quickly

More intelligent cooking

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