Three Important Considerations for Construction Work Zone Setup

As a construction project manager, there are so many responsibilities that fall squarely on your shoulders. You’re expected to monitor all aspects of the job progress, including schedule and cost performance. You have to make sure that you have adequate job staffing and that each crew member practices site safety. Setting up the project work zone is one of your main duties and here are some things to consider.

Setting Up a Field Office

The project work zone is not just going to be a dirty site with crews wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and operating heavy machinery. There are a lot of managerial, administrative and paperwork-related tasks that you and your team will be responsible for. You need to set up a field office to handle these important tasks. When planning your site, you’ll need to decide if there’s room to rent a construction trailer for your offices and conference room, or if you can rent out a nearby existing office space for sufficient project oversight needs.

Sizing Your Work Zone

A rookie project manager might think that a work zone big enough to contain the facility being erected is all you need. For example, if the project involves reconstructing an existing bridge, you may think you’ve got the project zone figured out. Have you considered whether there’s adequate room for your bridge cranes Chattanooga in your plans? How much room will they need to be fully operational for your project needs? Don’t forget to think about places to store large equipment when not in use.

Protecting the Site

It’s incumbent upon you as the project manager to make sure your site is safe not only for your crews but to the public as well. Your work zone will be somewhat accessible to outsiders, so it’s important to have the appropriate barriers to entry and adequate signage to help others stay safe by steering clear.

In construction, details really matter. As the PM, your employers, your clients and direct reports expect you to provide a project site that works. Consider these important site selection factors when planning all your projects.

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