Preparing a Nursery for a New Baby

Preparing your home for a new baby is a super exciting time; however, there is plenty of work to be completed before your tiny treasure comes home. It’s best if you start the process early so that you can just relax with your baby for those first few months.

Transforming a Room

Most people don’t have an empty room in their home just waiting for a baby to fill it up. Chances are you will have to repurpose a space that has been an office, guestroom or bedroom for an older child. It’s a pain, but the best thing to do is take everything out of the room and start with a clean slate. This might be a great time to replace the carpet with something stain resistant or an easy-to-clean laminate. Contact the local painters Burlingame CA and get a fresh coat of paint in your nursery colors.

Adding in Furniture

After the floors and walls are updated, it’s time to think about the furniture you will need. Don’t just think about the baby, though; think about yourself too. You will be spending a lot of time in that room soothing a fussy baby, changing diapers and just “checking in” on your angel. Along with a crib and changing table, make sure to put in a comfortable rocking chair, table, soft lamp and whatever else you will need to make your time in the room pleasant, such as a Bluetooth speaker, phone charger or adult-sized blanket.

Disinfecting It All

Once you have the room tricked out for you and baby, wash everything down with an all-natural disinfectant especially if you have bought and/or assembled items from big box stores or local garage sales. Wash several sets of baby bedding, burp cloths and blankets because you’ll probably go through many in the first few days. Hold off washing fancy clothes. Those are not important early on.

There is much to be done when a baby is on the way. Decorating a nursery in pink or blue (or yellow or red, for that matter) is all part of the anticipation.

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