5 Types of Cranes Used in Construction

Cranes are used for a variety of construction projects and choosing the right one for your crew is essential to prevent delays and stay within your budget. With so many cranes available, it can be difficult to know which one will be best for your area. Here are five of the most common cranes used to help you decide what you need.

1. Bridge Crane

Bridge cranes Chattanooga are usually seen in industrial environments. They are fixed in place, which allows them to lift heavier items because they have excellent stability. Two steel beams support what looks like a bridge with a hoist in the middle that moves along the bridge section.

2. Tower Crane

The tower crane is typically seen on construction sites where tall buildings are being constructed. It has the ability to be built alongside the structure, so it increases in height as the building grows. This crane can lift extremely heavy items such as steel beams and concrete blocks.

3. Telescopic Crane

Mounted to trucks on the worksite, telescopic cranes are equipped with an arm that has a hydraulic cylinder that can lengthen and shorten as needed. They are useful for small, short-term building projects and can even be used after natural disasters to help with clean-up efforts.

4. Loader Crane

The loader crane is a compact crane built on a truck that is used to load equipment onto and off of trailers. It can fit into small areas, making it useful for smaller projects.

5. Crawler Crane

A crawler crane has rubber tracks instead of tires, which makes it a useful piece of equipment on soft ground construction sites. They are best for long-term projects because of the bulkiness and set up time required.

Take the time to research the different types of cranes available to ensure you pick the right one for your next project.

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