5 Benefits of Choosing Trenchless Sewer Lining

When a drain clogs or a pipe bursts on your property, you can’t simply clear it or clean it and move on. You also need to determine why it has happened, so that you can make any necessary repairs. In many cases, a professional can be brought in to determine what is going on with your pipe and determine the best way to fix it.

If the problem is significant and could result in bigger drain and pipe problems down the road, the best fix for your pipes may be installing a trenchless sewer lining. A trenchless sewer lining has many benefits for home and property owners. These benefits include:

1. You can replace a sewer pipe without digging a trench on your property

Trenchless sewer linings live up to the name. With you install a sewer pipe, using a trenchless sewer lining means you won’t have to go through the often complex and frustrating process of digging up your yard. This process is also often made even more painful — and destructive — when the sewer pipe traverses your yard, driveway, patio, or walkway. A trenchless pipe lining is much less invasive. You will only need a small hole for a camera to inspect and identify the problem area and for the insertion of the pipe re-liner.

2. It’s less expensive and faster

Another great benefit of a trenchless sewer lining is that it can often be done within a few hours and won’t result in massive pipe replacement or fixes.

3. It’s eco-friendly

Sixty-eight percent of homebuyers are looking for an environmentally friendly home. The trenchless sewer lining is just another way to achieve this goal. That’s because when you install a trenchless pipe, there is a lower risk of hitting and damaging other pipes in the area, which can cause unwanted toxins to reach the surface and contaminating your water supply. Because these pips require very little to no ground disturbance or digging, it doesn’t destroy the surrounding environment, including trees.

At the same time, trenchless pipes rely on epoxy resin for binding, which is sturdy for the long-term and can help prevent leaks, which can make it a more eco-friendly option for you and your family.

4. It functions better than other options

Trenchless pipe liners can increase the flow capacity of your pipes and can be larger than previous pipes, which isn’t always easy to achieve with other potential solutions.

5. It’s good for historic properties

Trenchless sewer repair is less intrusive and does not damage the structure. Instead, it relies on technology to diagnose and treat the problem. For historic homes and buildings, this is essential when you want to preserve the integrity of the building.

A trenchless pipe is a great option for most homeowners and may come into play when your pipe bursts or your need to repair small cracks and holes. From there, repair and maintenance on a trenchless pipe are simple and easy.

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