3 Remodeling Projects To Consider

The floor is stripped of its finish, the sink is outdated and the bathroom tile is growing mold. Sometimes home renovation projects abound, and deciding what to prioritize can be overwhelming. Where do you even start in figuring out how to best approach each area of your house? In some cases, seeking out quotes from home remodeling contractors St Louis MO is a good idea, as experienced professionals can give you great insights into the projects that are right for you. Here are three projects a contractor might recommend:

1. Full Bathroom Remodel

If it is in your budget, a full bathroom remodel will easily take care of moldy cabinets, outdated finishes and buckling tiles. Installation of new flooring, a shiny bathtub and a sleek vanity make for a quick remodel that you will recoup at least 75% from if you ever decide to sell your home.

2. Old Window Replacement

Lower your energy bill immediately by installing brand-new windows throughout your home. Installing updated windows is a great project that often can be done a few windows at a time, helping homeowners who are on a budget. Plus, windows add a great new look to the exterior of your home, helping you up your residence’s curb appeal.

3. New Floor Installation

Nothing brightens up a space more than updated floors. The flooring options available to homeowners these days are many; from hardwood to vinyl, there are lots of materials to choose from. New floors are easier to clean, give you a great new look and can actually help you lower your heating and cooling costs.

If you need help prioritizing your renovation needs, a home remodeling contractor is likely the choice for you. From those drafty windows upstairs to the outdated vinyl floors in your master bath, they will have suggestions for smart changes you can make for your home and your budget.

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